Dental Radiology


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12 Week Entry Level EDFA with Radiology

DAPA offers a 12 week program designed for students eager to get into the Assisting field with no prior experience . It is a high paced course that is part hybrid online study and part hands on lab. This course is approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry

The course will divide all chair side expanded duties and Radiology labs into 12 weeks with each week focusing on up to 2 labs .Each week will require reading and studying from the textbook and completion of homework, then each student will log on to their designated student portal were they will be require to complete an online test. Once the test is completed the computer will will grade it . There will be up to 3 attempts to successfully complete. This will get each student ready for the focused lab that Friday. Every Friday for 12 week all students will meet at Dental Assistant Pioneer Academy dental Lab were proficiency and hand on testing will be conducted.

Once the 12 weeks are completed , each enrollee will have to complete 30-90 days of job showdown/ externship. It is the responsibility of each enrollee to find a site willing to allow them to complete their hours and let the program director know the location and contact person prior to completion of 12 weeks .

After 3 months you will have to register for the the Florida Radiology Registration site to take the state test. This is done upon the discretion of the enrollee and can only be done after working in a dental office for 90 days . The web address is

Course Cost: $ 2,600
A $300 non-refundable deposit is due at registration in order to reserve your seat in this class.

Dental Radiology Course

The proficiency in Radiology will be developed part hybrid and part hands on lab it will focus on : Radiology Equipment, Patient Positioning, Rinn XCP Paralleling Technique (Digital and Films), Endodontic Holders, Easy-Grip Holders with Bisection Technique (Digital and Films), Digital Sensors with various Digital Sensor Holding Techniques, Special challenges of Digital Sensor and Film Placement, Error Identification on Dental X-rays, Infection Control with Radiography, Occlusal X-rays, Panoramic X-rays, and Cephlometric X-rays, Recognizing Restorative Dentistry on Radiographs/Charting

Course Cost: $400
A $200 deposit is due at registration in order to reserve your seat in the class.