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Our Environment

Dental Assistant Pioneer Academy is coming up on a decade of teaching dental assistant training courses. We pride ourselves in 100% dental assistant student satisfaction with our program, sending many eager and ready graduates into their new career with confidence. A great deal of our success rate is owed to our professional environment and knowledgeable instructors.

Professional Dental Assistant School Environment

Dental Assistant Pioneer Academy is runs a simulated dental office in a classroom environment. We are able to provide our students with the full experience of being a dental assistant with hands-on training in a REALISTIC dental clinic, with REAL dental equipment and instruments. Every Saturday of class you will be able to familiarize yourself with the dental clinic environment while performing hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment and quality dental instruments. The Dental Assistant Pioneer Academy environment provides you with complete dental assistant career-like submersion, allowing you to get a full feel of the duties and atmosphere involved with this career.

Knowledgeable Dental Assistant School Instructors

When you’re learning at Dental Assistant Pioneer Academy, you’re learning from the best. The instructors at Dental Assistant Pioneer Academy are practicing dental professionals with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Our instructors are dedicated to your success. Each of our dental assisting teachers truly connects with the students, making sure everyone fully understands the material – leaving no one behind. You will find our instructors to be very helpful, friendly and experienced, bestowing confidence in you. We are very proud of our ability to train you successfully. We are all firm believers in hands-on training and learning through real experiences. We will guide you through thorough training and allow you to experience the dental assisting job in its entirety.

Dental Assisting Software Training

Choosing the right dental assisting program also means learning the most widely used practice management software. This is critical in order to lay a solid foundation as a successful member of any dental practice. DAPA is focused on cross training, which means learning to navigate Dentrix software.



5107 Andrus Ave.
Orlando, FL 328044

DAPA Educators and Staff

Natacha Overchuck


Owner / Founder

I graduated and became a dental assistant in my senior year of high school in 1999 . I worked as an assistant for many years before transiting into dental operations, where I found my passion in leadership and growing team members in the dentistry industry. Education and training was always part of my journey and when given the opportunity to start my own academy I jumped on the chance . I opened DAPA in 2011 and graduated our first class. I combined all of the expertise and demands from doctors and colleagues in the field And put together a program that worked. My mission at dental assistant pioneers academy is to support those who have a dream to thrive in the dental field when given the opportunity. We also focus on giving foreign trained dentist a path back into dentistry here in the United States, and my professional mission is to be their advocate .

Natacha Overchuck


Rosario Felipe “Rose” has been a dental assistant for over 15 years. She was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to New York in 1978. She currently works with Heartland Dental .

She has been teaching with the Dental Assistant Pioneer Academy (DAPA) since 2011 and has truly enjoyed teaching what she loves to do. Teaching has given her the opportunity to share her experience and expertise in dental assisting, as well as build a new generation of strong dental assistants. She is a mother of 3 children and a grandmother of 3. In her free time, she loves to dance, play in her bowling league, and travel around the world.

Natacha Overchuck

Jennifer Morales

Jennifer has been a dental assistant for over 7 years. She is cross trained, and has experience working in the front office, and in the back as a dental assistant. She has many years of lead assistant experience and training assistants using itero and dentrix software. She is currently the office manager at Sand Mine Dentistry, but loves assisting when needed.

She has been teaching with DAPA for 4 years and is dedicated to shaping the next generation of dental assistants. With a passion for oral health and patient care, she strives to instill knowledge, professionalism, and compassion in her students. She is a mother to 2 children and loves to travel with her husband and kids.


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